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If you enjoy walking down a serene beach looking for shells and getting some photos of Florida’s beautiful wildlife, you’ll love Anclote Key. Located at the mouth of the Anclote River, The Anclote Key State Park is a chain of islands located in the Gulf of Mexico. It consists of Anclote Key, Three Rookers Island, and the North Sandbar. Anclote Key is 440-acre nature preserve. Three Rooker is a bird sanctuary. If you wish to visit the Anclote Key book our dolphin beach cruise.

These two areas are nature preserves, no dogs are allowed. Dogs are allowed at the North Sandbar.

Please leave these areas as you found them. Take your trash with you and help us preserve these water wonderlands for future generations.

Here’s an awesome Virtual Anclote Lighthouse tour

Anclote Key Lighthouse

Anclote Key LighthouseThe historic lighthouse was erected on Anclote Key as an aid to navigation in 1886. After falling into disrepair, The Friends of Anclote Key State Park and Lighthouse group recommissioned the lighthouse in 1995. The old lighthouse compound has been partially restored for historic purposes with interpretive signage. The light was relit in September 2003.
Come and visit the island by boat with Spongeorama Cruise Lines Dolphin Cruise. We cruise several times each day with a stop on the key to allow passengers to explore, look for shells or splash around in the water.

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